The main objective of the Network is to develop innovative academic and technological frontier research in the areas of biodiversity, microbiology, prospecting, genomics, post-genomics (ómics), structural and fine chemical elucidation, production in pilot plants of medium and large scales, of sustainability, technical and economic viability of products and processes, and transfer to the productive sector, thus developing the marine bioeconomy. Our mission is to put Brazil closer to the international leadership in research, technology, and marine bioeconomics over the 10-year horizon. Networking is of paramount importance especially for:

Composing of multidisciplinary teams specialized in various technologies;

  • Integrate laboratories with different skills;
  • Carry out broad geological survey of the marine environment;
  • To promote more harmonious and broad development of all geographic regions of the country through research, development and innovation;
  • Link with the productive sector and governmental regulatory agencies (Ministries, EMBRAPII, CGEN, among others);
  • Establish libraries of bioproducts and bioprocesses that will be available for use by the Brazilian business community;
  • To foster graduate studies in related areas, in a cooperative and interdisciplinary way, optimizing the training of high level human resources.